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Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart

Norfolk Seat
+011+44 (0)777 630 6051


MISSION: To make full use of my existing talents to add value to the organization and to continually learn and improve in order to add value to myself

I am willing to take any project from sketch design onwards. My primary strengths are understanding the process and organising the mechanism along with my enthusiasm for getting the job completed within time and budget.

Having worked in various diverse arenas within the architectural field from inception to site completion, including interior design and landscape design, I believe I can bring an enormous range of expertise to any employer.

I have designed a railway bridge and station as well as an overhaul for a waste incineration site, built bespoke residential houses, completed detail design for schools, commercial and industrial buildings, executed JCT & NEC contracts. I am passionate about the inteligent use of CAD.

(AutoCad & Revit 2015)