March-2014 - December-2014 Ab

I have worked via agencies for most of my career but I have had periods of employment too. I started working with Local Authorities after the recession in the early 1990s and found working on mainly education projects suited my preference for scale of project and my interest. Recently I took time out to build my own house extension. (I don't mean manage it being built but hands on laying bricks and bashing nails into bits of wood!)

My favourite place of employment so far has been at Jacobs Babtie where I had an amazing manager and a team of motivated technologists. My role included interviewing potential additions to the team, managing workload, timesheets etcetera at the same time as running jobs and reporting to clients on behalf of the team for around 100 projects.

I am proud of my ability to pick up projects and get them built. This includes the liaison between the various disciplines involved and forming a working relationship with the contractors based on written confirmation of all communications.


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Kevin Stewart