Nottinghamshire County Council

Chris Higginson

Delivery Team Manager

0115 977 2490 The decision has been taken on purely financial grounds and bears no relationship with your work output and effort which has been exemplary.
Jacobs Babtie

Steve Judd


01332 234 404 As a project architect, Kevin is the best I have worked with in nearly 30 years. He is also able to brief, check and supervise technologists, assistants, technicians and other professionals in support of the project. He understands how the construction industry functions and has a clarity of thought and direction when getting problems solved.
Sheffield Design & Property

Maureen Skellum

Principle Architect

0114 273 6071 Kevin joined my team in April 2002 but due to a decline in education projects we were sad to see him leave in 2004. When we found he was available, we immediately welcomed him back to the team in 2005. He would turn his hand to any varied project or aspect given to him.
Sheffield Design & Property

Cath Basilio


0114 273 6039 I found I could confidently entrust Kevin with all the complexity of assimilation and integration of all technological, structural and services elements.
Nottingham City Council

Noel Mayes

Practice Manager

0115 8763017 Kevin rose to any challenge we asked of him. Unfortunately we had to let him go due to a downturn in workload.

Kevin Stewart